Danny Van Det

Daniel F. (Danny) Van Det

Chief Financial and Risk Officer 

Farm to Market Alliance

Daniel brings with him extensive experience in the banking and financial services industry, as well as entrepreneurial knowledge from the private sector. Currently serving his third longer term assignment for Rabobank Partnerships, Danny’s previous experience in East Africa includes work within Credit Risk Management and General Management with both NMB (Tanzania) and Zanaco (Zambia). After a career with Local Rabobank’s and Rabobank Nederland, he started as Chief Credit Management officer in 2008 at NMB in Tanzania and ended his term as Chief Risk Officer NMB in 2013. In that year he moved to our Partnerbank Sicredi in Brazil, where he worked for five years as Diretor Executivo de Credito. Danny has fulfilled an important role in the further development of the credit and risk function at Sicredi, access to finance and the sharing of networks and knowledge.

In his role as Chief Financial & Risk Officer, Danny plays a central role in helping FtMA achieve its bold objectives, through effectively systematizing the business models.