Simon J. Costa

Project Board Chairman, Chief Executive Officer

Farm to Market Alliance

Simon J. Costa is the former CEO of one of Australia’s largest private organizations. An employer of over 12,000 people, Simon made the surprise decision in 2011 to resign all corporate responsibilities and volunteer his time entirely to the United Nations (WFP). His decision was motivated by a desire to pursue a life of significance rather than material success.  His particular area of interest is addressing the major causes of food loss in developing countries. Over the past 5 years, he has developed advanced training programs for farmers on effective Post Harvest Handling and Storage, as well as technical training for private sector manufacturers of hermetic storage units. His teams have conducted over 3,400 full-day training workshops involving over 227,000 smallholder farmers. An independent evaluation by Massachusetts Institute of Technology recorded a 98% reduction in post-harvest crop losses for farmers educated and equipped with the recommended new handling and storage technologies!  Simon has been involved with FtMA since October 2016.